Benchmarking and Reports

Benchmarks your Members will Crave!

  • Convert survey results into dynamic benchmarks - personalized for each member
  • Add value with Industry trends, compensation, minimize costs, and discover best practices
  • Hassle-free data collection, interactive peer comparisons, and personalized reporting

Benchmark in a Box

  • Compile, analyze, and report - all in one platform
  • Web-based software makes analysis effortless - create benchmarks with point-and-click ease
  • Share benchmarks just like sharing a website - access using standard http:/ address

What are Financial benchmarks?

Financial benchmarks help your members compare their own budgeting, revenue cycle, or other financial constraints against their peers - helping unearth opportunities to improve the bottom line.

Example benchmarks:

  • Revenue and expense line item
  • Operational procedures & productivity
  • Staffing levels and costs
  • Compare margins and revenue mix

Some metrics you might consider adding to a financial benchmark:

  • Facility, Office, or Warehouse Related (Size, Cost, etc.)
  • Department productivity Measures
  • Labor or Staffing (Retention, Headcount)
  • Quality, Safety, Training
  • Sales & Marketing (Methods, Target Markets, Advertising Costs)
  • Supplier / Vendor Management

What do financial benchmarks look like?

See our sample benchmark, or watch the video to watch it in action

What are Compensation Benchmarks?

Salary or compensation benchmarks help members compare salary and benefits information - in a way that protects confidentiality.

  • For Organizations - help firms compare their personnel costs and benefits offered - per position
  • For Individuals - help members determine how their salary, PTO, and benefits package compares to the industry average

What do compensation benchmarks look like?

See our sample benchmark, or watch the video to watch it in action

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