Case Study: Use Filters to Dig Deeper into Consumer Demographics

StatGenius has recently launched a set of filtering tools, which help users dig deeper into a specific segment or to isolate a very specific characteristic among respondents.

Recently, a research services consultant was commissioned to better understand the demographics of consumers who, in a recent survey, had expressed their willingness to try a new beverage. This information would be helpful for their client – a national beverage manufacturer – to plan out the marketing launch for a new beverage prior to the busy summer season.

Using StatGenius, this researcher opened up the StatGenius Use Cases feature, and told it that they wished to “Describe the Demographics of Consumers with certain Consumption Patterns”. This wizard then helped the researcher decide on which variables to inspect: Age, Education, and Income. Most importantly, the researcher decided to filter out the data for only respondents with a high “Willingness to Try a New Beverage”.

StatGenius immediately understood what the researcher was trying to accomplish, and showed her the findings. Interestingly, this researcher found that more than 50% of the consumers that presented a high willingness to try were 36 years old or younger. She wanted to drill deeper into this, which she did quickly by applying another filter on the same screen – this time, filtering out consumers that prefer carbonated beverages.

To her client’s amazement, both the researcher and her client were able to learn about the opportunity of launching a non-carbonated beverage targeted for young consumers in just a few minutes!To learn more about how StatGenius can help you filter, segment, and analyze your research results, request a demo today.