Brand Managers and Marketers

Quant Deeper in your Studies - Without Relying on Others

  • Conduct deep statistical survey analysis - without needing the math background
  • Segment the survey results, find hidden relationships, and create insightful visualizations
  • Analyze surveys with other data (e.g. sales history, demographics, etc.)

Explore & Create Insights

  • Stop outsourcing to others to run calculations – do the same analysis yourself, without getting into "the weeds"
  • Turn any of your employees into a seasoned analyst
  • Compress a 12 hour statistical job into 30 minutes – with the same confidence in results

Speed Through Data Validation

  • Ensure all response data is valid – in a fraction of the time
  • Complete a 6+ hour validation job as a 20 minute fix AI finds errors & recommends fixes – with customizable levels of sensitivity
  • Intuition – based validity that “only a human can do” – at machine speed!

Research and Design

One platform. Every type of research.

  • Develop, distribute, and analyze your surveys and research.
  • Flat-fee pricing offers superior value vs. cost per response competitors.

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