Brand Managers and Marketers

Analyze More with your Existing Team

StatGenius enables your team to analyze data exactly as your stat vendors

  • Replace vendors and statisticians with your own analysis - no math necessary
  • Turn category managers and marketing leaders into research experts
  • Reuse older surveys by combining and analyzing with newer data
  • Ensure consistency of methodology across your internal team

See for your self how StatGenius can change your daily results

Results & Insights

Create engaging visualizations and informative crosstabs – instantly

  • StatGenius automatically picks the best visualization – based on your data
  • Intuitive banners and crosstabs
  • Share your findings online, in dashboards, or PowerPoint

Segmentation Analysis

Learn how your respondents organize themselves – and what makes them unique

  • Instantly determine why a target segment is different from the others
  • Compare segments without crosstabs
  • Establish new segments from your data (cluster analysis)

Relationship Analysis

Discover hidden relationships across your survey

  • StatGenius decides which mathematical technique to apply – and how
  • AI interprets results and explains the relationships in plain language
  • Statistical significance testing and mathematics performed - without user input

Use Case Examples:

  • What makes my most interesting customer segment unique?
  • What is the best way to market to customers, who are the most likely to try our product?

Prediction at your fingertips (Regression)

Determine how survey questions or variables predict an outcome

  • Simply tell StatWx what you want to predict, and it will figure out what predicts it
  • StatGenius matches the best prediction with the best technique
  • Create predictive models with powerful “what if” scenario analysis

Use Case Examples:

  • How does answering question #4 predict the likelihood of recommending our service?
  • Which variables are the best predictors of a customer’s satisfaction?

Get more from your data

  • Analyze surveys along with other data (e.g. sales history, financials, demographics)
  • Reuse older market surveys by combining and analyzing with newer data
  • Combine any two (unrelated) survey data sets, and cross-analyze

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