How it works

Meet your virtual statistician

With StatGenius, you can become your statistician – without getting involved in the mathematics.

Our AI analyzes your data and determines how best to employ the same statistical techniques a consultant would recommend – and then presents the insight. No need to memorize how logit regression is applied, or what the results of chi-square or ANOVA mean. Instead, we’ll decide what technique needs to be run, and explain the insights in plain English.

How does this work?

StatGenius keeps a library of statistical techniques. When a researcher tells the AI the insight they need, the software looks at the data, and runs it through its library of statistical techniques to determine what technique is best to run, and how.

It then runs a background check to make sure there is no mathematical conflict – just like a human would.

Last, StatGenius produces insights and writes them in plain English – faster than any human can do.

The result is better, more complete analysis – with typical turnaround time in less than an hour.

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