Nonprofit Management Consultancy

Survey Analysis for a Nonprofit Management Consultancy

Overview: A management consulting firm who specializes in nonprofit management, was in the business of strategic planning, leadership, and board development for NGOs. After years of coordinating with executives, this consulting firm discovered that many organizations had the same (or highly similar) issues in fundraising, and developed a proprietary system to address the specific needs of their market

SurveyWx Use case:

Surprise Insights the Client Found:

  • Based on behavior (how respondents answer questions on the survey), we found 2 new distinct groupings of executives, based on their perceptions of available resources.
  • Resources budgeted for fundraising appears to increase steadily until a non-profit reaches a specific stage – and then it plateaus.
  • When asked about the perceived sufficiency of resources in fundraising, there was a discrepancy between the views of management and staff. This likely points to a lack of communication around the budgeting and sales process.